Open Studios Guidelines 2019

Thank you for your interest in registering for Open Studios 2019!

Deadline : Monday 14th January midnight

For information about the fees please see the Fees Information page.

Step 1: Decide how you want to take part in Open Studios

There are 3 different ways you can take part:

1. As a solo artist

2. As part of an artists group

3. As an emerging artist

There is a different form for each option and a sliding scale of fees so you need to decide this first in order to register.

In order to get a group discount you need to:

  • Decide who will act as the lead artist as this person will need to make the payment on behalf of all the participating artists in the group during the registration process. 

  • Ensure all artists sharing each complete their own Group Open Studios Registration form giving the name of the Lead artist and ticking the relevant box in the payment section. 

  • Ensure all artists agree to take part and pay their equal share of the registration fees before the lead artist makes the group payment.

A group is classed as 2 or more artists, so if you are two artists sharing a space then you get the group discount.

In order to get an emerging artist discount you need to:

  • Have graduated within the last 3 years

  • OR, be under 25 years old.

    Email: to request an Emerging Artists Open Studios Registration form.

Step 2: Prepare your Text

Before completing the registration form you will need to prepare:

• a short description of your work (up to 165 characters)

• directions to your studio (up to 99 characters)

Please be aware that you can't partially complete this form and save it for later, so get everything together before starting the form.

Site2018 logo.jpeg

Have a look HERE at last year's Open Studios Directory to give you an idea of what works best.

Step 3: Prepare your Image

Image Requirements

We require 3 square images of work for the Open Studios Directory so that we can choose which ones look best on the page alongside the images of other artists.

Open Studios design and image size

We need high quality images for the directory and website, so they need to be at least 1mb in file size and a high number of pixels. They can be either a jpg or png file.

To make the file size at least 1mb we recommend making the images at least 1500x1500 pixels, and you should find that the file size is above 1mb.

The images can be either a .jpg or a .png file.

Please be aware your image will be cropped by 3mm on all sides.

Name your 3 images as follows:

For example, if your name is Fred Smith...




Please choose a simple, clear image of your work. Your image must represent your work but it does not have to be of work on show in the Festival.


These are the points you must comply with:

  • The images must be different to those used in previous Site Festival Publicity. 

  • The file format of your images must be jpg or png and the file size must be greater than 1Mb. Images with file sizes smaller than this will not have sufficiently high resolution, and the form won’t allow you to upload it.

  • SVA reserve the right to reject poor quality images. 

  • In the event that images are rejected, artists will be asked to provide suitable high quality alternatives within seven days of being notified. 

  • SVA reserve the right to crop images to fit the required dimensions and to show the work in the best possible way. 

Need help with preparing your image?

If you are not sure how to resize your images you could use software such as Photoshop, or free software such as, or there are many online websites. We found this one to be very easy to use:

You don't need to log in to use the Canva website just click on the RESIZE button and CROP button to get image to right size.

Once you have made the image 1500 x 1500 px just click the DOWNLOAD button and this window will appear. Click on 'Download your photo by itself' so you will not have to sign up.

Your image will be downloaded as a PNG. Don’t forget to label your images correctly e.g. Smith.J.1, Smith.J.2, Smith.J.3.

Still need help?

Please call the office 01453 751440

or email


Step 4: Register for Open Studios 2019

Before you start to complete the Registration Form:

You need to be aware that you will not be able to partly complete the form and save it.

So please check before you start:

  • Have you got your studio address correct including postcode?

  • Have you prepared your text describing your work?

  • Have you prepared your Studio Directions text?

  • If you are sharing, are you ALL agreed on this and sharing the equal costs of group registration fees?

  • Have you prepared your 3 images in accordance with the guidelines?

  • Have you got your payment card handy?

And if you need any help:

Please call the office 01453 751440 Tuesday-Friday 10am-3pm or email Kazz: